We are an official UCC Creation Justice Church!

Christ Church Creation Justice Covenant:

We, the members of Christ Church UCC, Elizabethtown, PA:

Believe in the sacred story of origin that speaks of our common connection to God, to each other, to all of creation, and to the world in which we live, work and play;

Understand that it is our responsibility, as individuals and as a church, to not only care for but also to help heal and restore creation. We desire that this deeply felt commitment be reflected, with an urgent sense of calling, in all aspects of our congregation’s life and that we lead, by example, beyond the walls of our church into our community and our world;

Recognize that the impacts of environmental exploitation, degradation, and global climate change disproportionately impact historically marginalized communities, especially people of color, and that we have a calling and a responsibility, as human beings, to work on behalf of all those who face issues of social injustice and oppression.


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