Ladies in Fellowship Together - referred to as LiFT, is Christ Church’s Women’s Ministry program. All women of the church are members of LiFT, whose purpose is to “lift up the women of the church socially, emotionally, and spiritually through opportunities to make personal connections.”

LiFT engages in fundraisers to offer summer Vacation Bible School for women at no cost. In conjunction with Maytown Reformed UCC, our VBS has been a popular and highly attended three night event which focuses on Bible stories and lessons in a fun theme one would come to expect from a Vacation Bible School. The major fundraiser for this event is making and selling peanut butter and coconut eggs each Easter.

In addition, we meet for suppers out, Christmas teas, educational opportunities related to women’s interests, and a host of other social events throughout the year. LiFT provides Comfort Bags to women in the church undergoing serious illness, and has also used our funds to purchase decorative and useful items needed by the church.

For more information, please contact Tracey Yasi in the church office at (717) 367-1208.

Ladies in Fellowship Together