Youth Sunday 2017



Greetings Youth and Parents!  christ Church Offers a Full range of Programs Suitable for Youth in Grades 2-12.  


Beginning in grade 7,  confirmation is a two year program which pairs students with adult mentors in the congregation, and where relationships are developed and faith is shared.   Please see Pastor Fred if your child is interested in joining the upcoming Confirmation I class at Christ Church beginning next fall.



Older youth grades 6-12:  

Youth in grades 6 through 12 participate in a wide range of events throughout the year, including service projects, "hang times", day trips, lock-ins,  and faith building experiences. Those who are 14 and older are encouraged to participate in annual mission trips, as well as attend regional and national youth events.  


Younger youth grades 2-5:    

Our younger youth enjoy many age appropriate activities from September through May that help them discover that God values and treasures their presence and participation in the life of the church.  During the summer, youth grades 2 through 6 are given the opportunity to serve as an acolyte during Sunday morning services.  Christ Church is a nurturing, safe environment where its children are taught Christian love, stewardship, and service through both formal and fun programming.